Sedan vs SUV | Why Choose An SUV Over A Sedan And Reasons To Choose A Sedan

Which One Suits You Better?Today, we have decided to provide you a ultimate steer to find the reasons to choose SUV over sedan and the reasons to choose sedan. The SUV market of our country is growing at a rapid pace. Here sedan vs SUV comparison show you which model will suits you better.

Reason to Choose SUV
• More space
• More height
• More fuel-efficient than ever
• More reliable in the off-roads
• SUVs come in various sizes
• They can be Affordable now

Reasons to Choose Sedan
• Quite Iconic
• Superb performance and handling
• Provides better seating position
• Good aerodynamics, convenience, and comfort features
• Fuel efficient and affordable

Reasons to Choose Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

More Space

SUV Seating Height

SUV typically has more space for people and luggage. You find the lot more space in front and back passenger legroom, headroom, shoulder room and for your stuff too, the storage area is far better the storage available in the trunk of a sedan.

More Height

Honda CR-V

If you prefer to see the full view of the road ahead, the Sport Utility Vehicle is a perfect vehicle which provides seating stance high and also high ground clearance, you will be able to see potholes and cracks very clearly in time. You can easily glide over the speed breakers and potholes due to visibility and efficient suspension.

Center of Gravity

High ground clearance means a high center of gravity, which in turn affects high-speed stability and performance.

More Fuel Efficient than ever

SUVs are not good fuel-efficient in the past. Today it glad to hear that SUVs offer reasonable fuel economy (mileage). That means you can travel on SVU for long trips.

For your better idea, Honda CR-V 4WD enjoys efficiency of 18.3 kilometers per liter ARAI certified

Honda CR-V 2WD enjoys an efficiency of 19.5 kilometers per liter ARAI certified.
Mid- Size SUV KIA Seltos 2WD diesel offers 17.8 Kilometers per liter.
Entry-level SUV Honda WR-V 2WD diesel offers 25.4 Kilometers per liter.

Reliable in the off-roads (Different terrains)

Reliable in all terrains

When you decided to head outdoor during weekends with friends, you need an adventurous performance vehicle.

SUV is capable of going through any terrain (road) just fine. The sedan is typically adventurous especially in urban roads but not different terrains.

SUV in Various Sizes and Affordable

Crossover Honda WR-V

SUVs available in several sizes crossover, mid-size and complete SUV, if you stay in the city with a small family, then crossover perfect for your profile.

Mid-size SUV Creta

Crossover doesn’t feel big for small families and comfortably accommodate five people and luggage
If you need a bit big cabin Mid-Size SUVs that can capable of six people and groceries and luggage comfortable.

Full size SUV Toyota Fortuner

Meanwhile, if you have a big family or a large group of friends, the complete SUV is perfect for you with different drive modes and powerwheels 4WD and 2WD with a passenger capacity of seven to eight people like Honda CR-V diesel and Skoda Kodiaq

Reasons To Choose Sedan

Quite iconic

Sedan Honda Civic

The sedan is flawless for any type of person and its common chunk of automotive daily life. The sedan is ever ready for all categories of people with respectable cabin space and comforts for five people sit and decent boot space for groceries and luggage.
These days sedans are available with rear seat comes with 60:40 foldable which allows more luggage space.

Performance and Handling


The thought about sedan comes into mind you also think about fast and furious speed, performance and handling.
Few sedan models are known for its speed, performance and handling Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic Type-R.
All sedan models are well known for lightweight compared to the SUV models. At the same time for its peak performance and speed.

Better Seating Position

Seating Position and Comfort

Seating in the sedan model is very ergonomic, user-friendly for the long drive and also ease of getting in and out, all age groups people can sit and ride comfortable and convenient compared to your SUV.

Good Aerodynamics, Safety, Convenient and Comfort

Aerodynamics means the way air moves around the object, when you talk about car aerodynamics it’s all about drag and lift. Sedans are designed to be closer to the ground and low center of gravity they are more stable compared to SUV. So sedan models more reliable on road due to its aerodynamics.

Safety features like agile handling, lane watch, and whiplash mitigating all brake assist feature all together works for the safety of the driver and passengers

Convenient features like remote engine start, walk away lock comfort features like sliding armrest, ventilated seats, and power-adjustable height, the lumbar support.

Good Fuel Economy and Affordable

Fuel Efficient

Sedans are well known for their fuel efficiency (mileage) especially cruising along the highways.
Sedans well known for its mileage are Honda City diesel 25.5 Kilometers per liter, Honda Civic diesel 26.6 kilometers per liter, Volkswagen Vento kilometers per liter, Skoda Rapid kilometer per liter.
Even maintenance of the sedan model is quite lower than the SUV models.



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